As known, the legislative and regulatory scenery about cryptocurrencies, is still absent or lacking in many states.

In Italy, the supervisory authorities in charge seem to want to bring back, through the publication of some recent provisions, the mining protocol called “proof of stake” to a financial rent formula, whose promotion is forbidden to non-authorized individuals.
The ratio of the choice is based on the fact that, through the mining in the proof of stake, new coins are obtained and therefore an increase in value on the initial capital, if this is restricted.

This company is always careful not to oppose to the local regulations and, indeed, to adopt all the prudential tools and principles to safeguard our community.

In interpretative doubt and waiting for clear and unambiguous regulatory tools, this company has chosen to NOT make the mining proof of stake protocol usable to its members and not to promote it on the Italian territory.

DT Socialize LTD