The DTCOIN is a cryptocurrency, whose value is based on the request and offer and the traffic of data generated and collected. Data collection supports the currency, generating a profit. The market has a very high demand for data: based on the growth in the last years and the numbers during the first half of 2018, it is expected a closure of 42 billion dollars of capital generated this year. In the future it will only increase.

The fact that the currency is supported by the Big Data market, is a unique and extremely positive feature, because it makes the price. Cryptocurrencies, such as legal currencies, have a constantly fluctuating value. This is normal and accepted by users of cryptocurrencies, but the danger is the vertiginous collapse of the price. Depending on the dynamics of the market and the quantity that is bought and sold, the price can vary significantly. This is because the value of a cryptcurrency is based, in most cases, solely on the request, on sales and purchases. When the value is based
solely on the transactions of the users, it is not possible to predict the trend, considering also the danger of the sales of large quantities of coins, which strongly affects the loss of value. The DTCOIN instead has a concrete underlying, an underlying billionaire market.


The great part of the cryptocurrencies are born with a finite number, since the beginning they are decided how many coins will be released in the market. A feature that makes inflation impossible and implies that more coins are available on the market, the less they are rare, the less they are worth. The DTCOIN is a currency that can be spent on online and offline shops that accept DTCOIN. Activities outside the DT Circle can accept DTCOIN as a payment. It can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies. The DTCOIN is the tool to receive your earnings in the DT Circle ecosystem.

2017 Volume of the world market of mobile apps

$ 166 000 000 000

2017 Numbers of Users of mobile messengers

3 458 000 000

2017 Big data market

$ 35 000 000 000

2017 Total volume of cryptocurrency market

$ 180 000 000 000


DTCOIN 1.0 is a cryptocurrency. In the initial phase, lasting about thirty-six months, it is managed centrally. This means that the management of the blockchain on which the currency is built will be private. Coin mining is entirely managed by the company DTCOIN UK, in charge of the development of the project. Mining works on proof-of-work technology (POW): through the resolution of mathematical calculations by servers with high computing power, new coins are released available on the market.


On 30 June 2020, DTCOIN 1.0 will swap on a decentralized and distributed technology. This means that the user will be invited to deposit his coins in a new wallet, automatically receiving the DTCOIN 2.0, the evolution of the coin. This implementation with a technologically superior will allow the DT Circle ecosystem to be activated. In fact, DTCOIN 1.0 will not be used directly in the DT Circle, but is intended to gather consent and funds for the creation of it.

The DTCOIN (both version 1.0 and version 2.0) has 8 million pre-mined coins, ie already available for purchase, for a total offer of 42 million coins.

The DTCOIN power: strengths

A cryptocurrency must be reliable, as it is technologically safe and stable in price. In the digital money market, rises and big falls are more than common. But, for the creators of the DT Circle and DTCOIN, constant fear and risk are not acceptable. DTCOIN differs from other cryptocurrencies, based solely on the demand and supply model, thanks to its maintenance on the data and big data market, a real and billionaire market. The price of the DTCOIN will be guided by the standard date, a real countervalue.


DTCOIN’s goal is to create a community of at least 100 million users worldwide. The success of currency is determined by the community. DT Circle is the medium that will incite the use of DTCOIN. Waiting is not enough, you have to act to create the DTCOIN community. Members choose DTCOIN not only as a cryptocurrency, but for its advantages over traditional FIAT currencies and other cryptocurrencies. DTCOIN boasts an unsurpassed transaction speed: the average average transaction time of a Bitcoin is one hour, four minutes with Litecoin, DTCOIN takes less than a second. There are no physical sending limits, the DTCOIN can be sent all over the world in zero time without increased commissions

The DTCOIN is extremely secure and protects your privacy. All wallets and related transactions are encrypted with an alpha-numeric 90-character hash algorithm, built in XOR technology. This makes the transaction totally anonymous and any attempt to hack becomes impossible


By June 2018 an affiliation program will be launched for commercial activities, which will allow the direct spending of DTCOIN in commercial businesses to purchase goods or services. There will be cost advantages for those using DTCOIN as a currency for their purchases. DTCOIN is one of the few cryptocurrencies convertible directly in euros, an availability that creates interest and confidence.


Today DTCOIN generates hundreds of daily exchanges for products and services and is convertible directly into euros on the exchange www.forcedmarketcap.tech

The Secret

The Standard Data

Since its birth DTCOIN wanted to be different, a coin born with the aim of protecting and growing. In the past, money was tied to the gold standard, a monetary system in which the monetary base is given by a fixed quantity of gold. Until then, the money had a real countervalue: the DTCOIN has recreated this concept.

The founder of DTCOIN, Daniele Marinelli, took two years to analyze the market, looking for a solution, collaborating to create the Forced Market Cap (FMC) system.
FMC is a new way of creating capitalization to a cryptocurrency, through a special mathematical algorithm combined with four major sectors, allowing a growing capitalization of DTCOIN.

The first coin that grows thanks to a support of four different sectors, for a value of 3 trillion dollars.

Datas e Big data

A DTCOIN can be compared to a container, which grows every second on the basis of the data accumulated inside it. Every second, users will share data with DTCOIN, allowing the value to grow in the face of the FMC market. Purchase and sale of DTCOIN is a continuous act, because it allows users to enter the DT Circle: each access and action corresponds to a new data. These data will have the function of being analyzed and used thanks to Big Data technologies, in favor of the purchaser.


The exchange currency of the DT Circle community will be DTCOIN, which can be used to purchase sponsorship on the DTCOIN channels. This will be a powerful means of sponsorship, to reach your customer target within the DT Live platform.

ICO partnership

DTCOIN buys large quantities of tokens in PRE-ICO for over sixteen months, and then sell them once again on the market. This allows you to buy tokens from ten to twenty times less than the ICO's listing price, deciding to sell them on the market or keeping them for the future. Today DTCOIN has over 450,000 active users in over 130 countries around the world, a number that is constantly growing and has decided to open in 2019 the possibility for its users to enter PRE-ICO of new projects selected by DTCOIN, allowing its users in the future to buy directly into DTCOIN token in presale at very advantageous prices.

Telephonic Wholesale

Telecommunications is the second market, for profit margins after the energy sector. Wholesale telephone is the international telephone traffic business between companies from different countries, where a company buys wholesale and sells retail.



Today is the new tomorrow


DTCASH is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which will be presented to DTCOIN users in the month before the official launch, dated for the end of December 2018. DTCASH’s mining technology will be totally proof-of-stake (POS) or proof-of-job (POJ).


The peculiarity of DTCASH is anonymity. The system will work on a protocol that will allow total anonymity in transactions, with a level of two-level explore nodes. The network of verifiers will serve to keep the DTCASH network safe. The time of an average transaction with DTCASH is less than one minute. The average transaction cost will be 0.00001 DCH. The purpose of the DTCASH is to allow users to speculate from the increase in its value. Unlike DTCOIN, DTCASH does not
have an underlying market beyond that of the cryptocurrency itself.


The only way to get the first DTCASH will be through the D-POS within the platform www.dtcoin.tech, where, by putting its own DTCOINs in stakes, the user will get DTCASH as a reward in return. After obtaining the first DTCASH, the user can download the DTCASH wallet on his computer and start producing new DTCOINs via the POS.

The proof-of-stake is a transaction validation system based on distributed consent. The purpose of the algorithm is the same as POW, but the process to achieve the goal is quite different. Unlike the proof-of-work, where the algorithm rewards miners who solve mathematical problems with the aim of validating transactions and creating new blocks, with Proof-Of-Stake the creator of a new block is chosen according to his wealth. The more coins in the portfolio, the stronger the
user’s stake power will be. Each individual portfolio acts as a validator, so decentralized the network is completely decentralized. The more portfolios will be open to the stake, the more secure the network will be.


On June 30th, 2020 the DTCOIN 1.0 currency will make a technological upgrade by making a total swap in a new coin of the latest generation, the DTCOIN 2.0.


DTCOIN has found the right balance between centralized and decentralized, combining these two concepts together to solve the typical problems of the cryptic world, with the intruduction of:


  • Wallets verified with KYC to increase the transparency and trust of the member
  • Decentralized and distributed ecosystem
  • Decentralized data management
  • Decentralized blockchain
  • Central issue of coins and then distributed
  • Nobody can transfer, confiscate or seize the coin
  • Privacy with transparency (and without anonymity) in the way transactions are carried out
  • Full compliance with the law (compliance with the main jurisdictions and development of industrial
  • Fast transactions under 60 seconds
  • Limited number of coins
  • Smart contract.


It will be created a decentralized consensus system through the introduction of Masternodes, Voting nodes, Ledger nodes, privacy.


This system represents an evolution originating from the proof-of-stake, also developed in order to reduce the costs and inefficiency associated with the consumption of electricity typical of the proofof- work system, used by Bitcoin for example.

The DPoS system differs from the PoS system. In fact, in order to validate a transaction, the latter envisages involvement of the entire network. In the DPoS system, however, this duty does not fall on the entire network, but only on a limited number of delegates. These delegates, elected by the entire network with a system of democracy representative of the consensus (consents that in turn have a weight that is functional to the number of tokens possessed), ensure the validation, in security, of every single transaction of the network. The delegates will be 120 who will maintain the security of the network. The wallets of these delegates will have the role of representing the coins deposited by the DTCOIN network.

The advantage of this system is the simplicity with which every member can purchases DTCOIN, deposits them and starts earning money the next day, without synchronize wallet or control his computer. The only task is to forge to earn.

We follow you step by step
in your path with DTCOIN

Open your personal wallet: it’s simple and safe.


As known, the legislative and regulatory scenery about cryptocurrencies, is still absent or lacking in many states.

In Italy, the supervisory authorities in charge seem to want to bring back, through the publication of some recent provisions, the mining protocol called “proof of stake” to a financial rent formula, whose promotion is forbidden to non-authorized individuals.
The ratio of the choice is based on the fact that, through the mining in the proof of stake, new coins are obtained and therefore an increase in value on the initial capital, if this is restricted.

This company is always careful not to oppose to the local regulations and, indeed, to adopt all the prudential tools and principles to safeguard our community.

In interpretative doubt and waiting for clear and unambiguous regulatory tools, this company has chosen to NOT make the mining proof of stake protocol usable to its members and not to promote it on the Italian territory.

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