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FMC is the first market peer to peer where you can convert your DTCOIN into euros exchanging them with other users.
FMC is the only platform suitable for all levels of experience. Even a beginner can carry out operations without being a professional.

Safe and Protected

2 Factor Authentication, advanced encryption technology, cold storage: we give you peace of mind when it comes to security.

Fast & responsive

Our terminal is built on the best technology and allows you to effortlessly negotiate any of the cryptocurrencies in FMC.

0% Commissions

The percentage is 0% on purchases and transfers between the portfolio and 0.75% on sales in fiat currency

DTCOIN & Forced Market Cap

A new concept of trading

Forced Market Cap (FMC) is a new market exchange and capitalization solution created in 2017, for asset-based cryptocurrencies. DTCOIN was the first cryptocurrency to be listed on the Exchange Forced Market Cap with new market logic. Normally the market is based only on the system of supply and demand, allowing speculators to manipulate the price without scruples and in most cases, eroding small portfolios. In FMC, the market follows a logic based on a cyclical mathematical algorithm, combined with market injections thanks to Big Data, advertising, ICON partnerships and telephone wholesale sectors.


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DT PAY is the means to use your DTCOIN for goods and services


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The market trend follows a cyclical logic

At the beginning of a cycle, the algorithm manages purchases and sales on the market, inserting priority logics, lots, number of sales made, increase in value of injections, number of users and timing.

Once the limit price has been calculated, the system allows the placing of orders. The system closes a cycle and reopens immediately at an initial price, slightly higher than the opening price of the previous cycle linked to the factors indicated.

At each cycle, the total number of sales with respective value is compared to the number of purchases, the number of sales made in the week, the amount of liquidity fed by the standard date, the order of registration. Tomorrow the most important wealth will be the data and Big data and that is the one on which DTCOIN aims more, publishing the DT Live project at the end of 2019. Each activity distributes up to 80% of the revenues between users and the DTCOIN. Imagine if today 80% of the value of world data were in people’s hands.

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As known, the legislative and regulatory scenery about cryptocurrencies, is still absent or lacking in many states.

In Italy, the supervisory authorities in charge seem to want to bring back, through the publication of some recent provisions, the mining protocol called “proof of stake” to a financial rent formula, whose promotion is forbidden to non-authorized individuals.
The ratio of the choice is based on the fact that, through the mining in the proof of stake, new coins are obtained and therefore an increase in value on the initial capital, if this is restricted.

This company is always careful not to oppose to the local regulations and, indeed, to adopt all the prudential tools and principles to safeguard our community.

In interpretative doubt and waiting for clear and unambiguous regulatory tools, this company has chosen to NOT make the mining proof of stake protocol usable to its members and not to promote it on the Italian territory.

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